Roma forever

'Shame on anyone who can sing while Rome burns, if he does not have the soul and heart of Nero.' (Lamartine) ​

It was not shame that overwhelmed me when the Roman forum stood in front of me at the bend of a small staircase... It was tears. So many dramas, so many intensity, in so much beauty... I had to transcribe in my language of iron and emptiness the intensity of what my passion for our humanity had taught me.

A simple portrait, but poetic and powerful; Violent and captivating.

The different faces of Rome in this steel portrait: Ancient Rome, Imperial Rome and Religious Rome... The Colosseum and Roman Forum, St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican; Piazza Venezia and altare della Patria; The fountains of Piazza Navona... surrounded by the seven hills that dominate the Eternal City!

But beyond these details worthy of a tourist guide... We can erase everything from what we know and see only the matter that comes alive, the history that repeats itself, the poetry of forms to such a degree that we could look at this sculpture upside down!